Why Use a Realtor®?

Why Use a REALTOR®

When you’re looking for help buying or selling property, it’s important to remember that the term “real estate agent” and the word “REALTOR” are not synonymous.

REALTORS can provide an extra level of service, and to be a REALTOR you must be a member of the National Association of REALTORS. The NAR is a non-profit trade organization that promotes high professional standards in real estate information, education and professional standards.

The National Association of REALTORS also has earned a strong reputation for actively championing private property rights and working to make home ownership affordable and accessible.

http://antiochspiritwear.com/?option=com_k2 Can a REALTOR®  really help me in buying and selling property? 
where can i purchase antabuse The answer is YES!!!  When you’re ready to think about buying or selling your property, you need to ask yourself the following questions: Do you have the time, energy, sources of information, and contracts to do the job yourself? If you are a do-it-yourself buyer or seller, will the results be as good or better than they would have been if you had professional assistance? Would it go smoother? Would it give you more personal time? Would you have purchased for less, or sold for more, if a real estate agent was involved?

Using a REALTOR® – You Be the Judge! 
Real estate transactions involve one of the biggest financial investments most people experience in their lifetime. Transactions today usually exceed $100,000. If you had a $100,000 income tax problem, would you attempt to deal with it without the help of a CPA? If you had a $100,000 legal question, would you deal with it without the help of an attorney? Considering the small upside cost and the large downside risk, it would be foolish to consider a transaction in real estate without the professional assistance of a REALTOR®.

Code of Ethics
NAR  members adhere to a strict code of ethics founded on the principle of providing fair and honest service to all consumers. REALTOR business practices are monitored at local board levels. Arbitration and disciplinary systems are in place to address complaints from the public or board members. This local oversight keeps REALTORS directly accountable to the individual consumers they serve. Real estate licensees who are not REALTORS, work solely under state/provincial licensing regulations.

Information courtesy of Fayette Board of Realtors and National Association of REALTORS.

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